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Admiral Pools is the go-to pool service company in Scottsdale. What’s making so many Scottsdale residents choose us, and how can we benefit you? There are several things that set us apart from the rest:

Superb Professional Service

Once we’ve provided pool services to our clients, they keep coming back for all future pool needs.

  • We respond to every call quickly and in a timely manner. If we say that we will be there, we won’t keep you waiting!
  • Communication is vital. We keep you in the loop throughout the entire process.
  • Our technicians can handle any pool problem, thanks to intensive training.
  • Absolute professionalism ensures guaranteed results and courteous service.
  • We have more than 30 years of experience in servicing Scottsdale pools, spas and water features. You receive the benefit of our experience.
  • Our technicians only tackle repair work after you have approved our detailed quote. No surprises when the bill arrives!
  • We are fully licensed and insured contractors. You can be sure of quality work, giving you peace of mind.
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A Full Range Of Pool And Spa Services In Scottsdale

Looking after pools, spas and water features means regular maintenance to protect your investment. We help you to relax and enjoy your pool, spa or hot tub by providing you with the following services:

  • Full commercial or residential pool and spa maintenance packages: Having a swimming pool is a lot of fun, and can make you the envy of your neighbors. It’s also really hard work keeping it looking at its best. Why not get all of the pleasure without the pain? We will devise a full pool maintenance plan to suit you and your pool’s needs. You get to enjoy your pool, and we keep it beautiful, clean, chemically balanced, and swim-ready at all times.

  • Troubleshooting: Something is going wrong, and you don’t know what it is. All you know is that your pool, spa or water feature in Scottsdale is not working as it should. How can you get a problem fixed when you don’t even know what it is? Let us check it out! We’ll go through your entire pool system and come up with the answers you’re looking for. You’ll know exactly what’s wrong, what needs to be done, and how much it would cost to fix it.

  • Yearly servicing of pool pumps: Your pool pump works hard for you, and that means it needs an annual servicing. As with any motor, regular servicing ensures smooth operation, prevents breakdowns and extends the lifespan of the pump.

  • Inspection and repair of filters, cleaners and chlorinators: These hard-working components also need their share of care and attention to keep them working efficiently. We go over the entire water filtration and cleaning system and determine what needs to be done. We always ensure that our clients know exactly what needs to be repaired and why.

  • Cleaning walls and steps: Apart from getting a good clean every week that includes skimming and vacuuming, pools also need more intensive deep cleaning from time to time. This is achieved using an acid wash that rids the pool of mineral or organic stains that spoil the look of your pool. The pool is drained, acid is applied, and through scrubbing,marks and stains are removed. Then the acid is thoroughly rinsed away before refilling. Service also includes the addition of the necessary minerals and chemicals to the water. Your pool will look better than new.

  • Pool liner inspection: Leaking pool liners can cost you a fortune in wasted water over time. Finding the leak isn’t always easy, but with our expertise at your disposal, finding and repairing leaks becomes a breeze. If you suspect that your pool liner may be leaking, get in touch with us. We get to the root of the problem.

  • Repairing and replacing diving boards, slides, and ladders: Is your diving board getting to be rather dangerous? Is your pool ladder starting to corrode or detach itself from its anchoring? Pool slides are fun, but if they are not in a good state of repair, they become dangerous. Don’t delay getting these pool accessories repaired or replaced. The last thing you want is an unpleasant accident in your pool.

  • Water quality control: Even when you understand the basics of pool water quality maintenance, it’s easy to make mistakes and end up with a murky pool that you somehow can’t seem to get clear. We know how to correct the chemical balance in your pool so that you can enjoy crystal clear water once again. Filters can also be problematic and need repairs and maintenance from time to time to keep your pool’s water looking inviting and to protect your family’s health. We take the guesswork out of pool water quality control in Scottsdale thanks to our smart pool services.

  • Lights, heaters and other electronics: When your pools electrical and electronic equipment work the way they should, owning a pool is a breeze. When they don’t, it can be troublesome and annoying. There’s no need to stress, though. Just get in touch with us for a free estimate and efficient repairs that last.

  • Seals, valves, and controls: In keeping with our full-service philosophy, we are here to help with these necessary pool components, too. Whatever your pool or spa-related issue, we can resolve it.

  • Top Rated Pool Cleaning and Service in Scottsdale Arizona

    Competitive And Transparent Pricing

    Have you ever been in a situation in which you are charged an enormous bill without even knowing what you’re paying for when the job is complete? At Admiral Pools, we believe that honesty and transparency are the best policies.

    If it doesn’t need fixing, we aren’t going to suggest that you fix it. And if it does, we will show you the problem, explain the issue, discuss what needs to be done, and provide you with an itemized quote that shows you exactly what you are paying for when you approve the necessary repairs.

    We never move the goal-posts. If a task takes longer than expected, that’s our problem. We certainly will not make it yours. There are no hidden charges, no unpleasant shocks when the bill arrives, and you get the benefit of guaranteed quality and satisfaction.

    When it comes to Scottsdale pool maintenance, you also won’t be left wondering what you’re paying for. Our technicians leave you a detailed maintenance log so that you can see exactly what has been done. You don’t need to supervise the work, and if you want to check that all the necessary tasks are being done, you need only consult the log to see for yourself.

    8 Reasons Why you Need Admiral Pools’ Help

    Many people believe that the only reason for accepting a pool maintenance package is a lack of time to do the job themselves. Even if you do have the time to care for your pool, Admiral Pools will save you a whole lot of headaches!

    1. Water Quality Isn’t Just About Looks: There’s a lot more to a swimming pool or spa than meets the eye. Without proper maintenance, pools can become an irritation at best, and a serious health risk at worst.

      We tend to think that cloudy or discolored water is purely a sign of algal growth, but if algae can thrive, so can viruses, bacteria and other microbes. Chlorinating the water correctly disinfects it, but if you overdo the chlorine, skin irritations, burning eyes and an unpleasant chemical smell make swimming a misery.

      The chemistry of swimming pool water is more complicated than many people realize. We have the expertise to keep your pool’s water clear and safe with exactly the right balance of chemicals.

    2. Your Pool Consists Of Interdependent Systems: For a perfect pool, several interdependent aspects need to be taken into account. Apart from having clean surfaces, the water circulation and filtration systems combined with the quality of the water determine just how your pool will function.

      If any variable or system is out of kilter, you’ll have a less than perfect pool and instead of being a homeowner’s pride, the pool becomes an eyesore and an embarrassment. Our Scottsdale pool service has been entrusted with the care of hundreds of residential and commercial swimming pools because we understand these variables so well and know how to deal with them.

    3. Safety Matters: We’ve already seen that water quality is as much about swimmers’ health as the way the pool looks, but other dangers lurk in wait for the unwary. Chipped pool tiles, corroded or unstable pool ladders, dangerous diving boards and kid-unfriendly slides all pose risks that can’t be ignored. We won’t replace an item that could be repaired instead. Ensure your family’s safety and do not delay the necessary maintenance any longer than you have to.

      Another factor to bear in mind is that pool chemicals can be dangerous in the wrong hands – especially if your kids get hold of them. If we maintain your pool, you won’t have to keep these chemicals in your home. We bring everything that is needed to take care of your pool along with us.

    4. Yes! You Will Save A Whole Lot Of Time: Fitting pool care tasks into your already busy schedule can be difficult, and it is all too tempting to skimp on maintenance so that you can use the time for something else. The result? Difficult-to-correct problems with your pool’s systems and water quality. Scottsdale residents are finding that because pool care is our specialty as well as our business, we save them valuable time and keep their pools looking fabulous.

    5. We Do So Much More Than Just Cleaning Pools: Use one contractor instead of multiple contractors. If there is any problem with your pool’s pump, filter, water jets, heater or lighting system, we won’t just notice it – we can fix it too. We’ll report any issues to you first, and you can decide when you’d like to give us the go-ahead.

    6. We Can Save You Hundreds Of Dollars: Pumps that constantly run at full tilt add an enormous cost to your electricity bill. The same goes for inefficient pool heaters. But Admiral Pools is in touch with all the latest energy-saving technologies. Get a brand new pool pump or heater installed and watch it pay for itself in energy savings. We will do a free energy audit for you and show you just how much you’ll save when you switch to energy-efficient systems. Once you are able to see what your return on investment would be, you won’t hesitate!

    7. We Use The Best Pool Equipment: Reasonable pricing is quite important, but you also want to know that the equipment we install will last for years and can handle adverse conditions. When we select our suppliers, we do look into equipment and parts’ prices, and compare them with the efficiency and durability of the equipment.

      For example, we choose Jandy pumps, heaters and filters because the company supplies us with a reasonably priced product with superior features, functionality and durability. That’s good for our clients, and it’s also good for us because we can be confident in the products’ performance and your ultimate satisfaction.

    8. Directors Of Semi-public Pool Facilities Trust Us: Semi-public pools see a lot of traffic. These pools are found at health clubs, multi-unit housing complexes, and upscale apartments. Specific regulations as to their management and maintenance are laid down by the Maricopa County Health Department.

      Despite the fact that these pools see a much higher chance of contamination than a standard residential pool, we know how to keep them clean, safe and healthy. And when we deal with residential pools, we apply the same high standards.

    Call Us For A Free Consultation

    Every pool and its environment are unique. We don’t believe in charging a flat rate to all our clients. We first assess your pool and your needs before discussing what we can do for you in detail.

    Call us now and check out what we can do for you!

    Scottsdale Pool Service Rating: 10 out of 10 Scottsdale Pool Service Rating: 10 out of 10 Scottsdale Pool Service Rating: 10 out of 10 Scottsdale Pool Service Rating: 10 out of 10