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Admiral Pools is at your service to ensure that your poolis functioning correctly so that you can enjoy it all year long. As soon as a pool develops an issue, however, it could suddenly become a financial nightmare, resulting in a series of problems. These issues could range from discomfort, injury, and in severe cases, death. Therefore, it is important to utilize a service like those Admiral Pools provides. The need for regular checkups for your pool repair in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area cannot be emphasized enough.

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Some Reasons Why You Might Need to Repair Your Pool

  1. Safety of the swimmers: The need to fix your pool can arise when you begin to notice that the swimmers, either be your family members, guests, customers or clients, could be at risk. Drowning is one of the main hazards swimmers may encounter. A swimmer drowning is a life-threatening problem that is preventable if adequate measures are taken to deter this from happening. Another risk swimmers may encounter in a pool is getting hurt with injuries varying from minor to significant. You should always ensure that the ladders, steps, and boards are all securely fitted and not left dismounted or loose.

  2. Leakage In The Structure Of The Pool: Water escaping from the structure of the pool could become tremendously expensive it is not tended to correctly, in time. Also, it is tough to maintain the pH balance of the pool with an impaired structure. You can also count on increased costs for chemicals if your pool is leaking.

  3. Leaky Plumbing: Having a leakage in the plumbing of your pool could lead to disastrous consequences and needs to be tended to immediately. It could result in severe damages to your property and also lead to an increase in the water bill. Furthermore, more chemicals will be needed to balance the pH of the water because the water that seeps out of the pool will leak out with a particular quantity of chemicals that would need to be replaced.

  4. Chipping or cracking of the pool deck: When the pool deck is cracked or broken, it must be treated with urgency! Immediate measures need to be taken to fix it. The problems aesthetics create by the chipping or cracking of the pool can compromise the comfort for swimmers. Furthermore, breakage of the pool deck is often a clue to much bigger issues having to do with the foundation, such as a sinkhole or ground shifting.

  5. Consumption Of Energy Of The Water Heater: Some factors could have a direct or indirect effect on how efficient your swimming pool’s heating system is. Some include how much shade you have covering the pool, the difference in temperature between day and night, current climate, and the pool size. Energy consumption could, however, also be a result of a problem with the heating system. The longer time it takes for your pool to heat, the higher your electricity bill will be. If the problem is due to fault with the heating system, it can easily be fixed. In other cases, when the causes are from other natural factors, it is possible to manage the situation and put in place some measures that could improve the speed it takes your pool heats up.

  6. Appropriate Filtration: If you primed your pump, the flowing water would pass through a filter. It is imperative that the filter is regularly cleaned and maintained. How much maintenance your filter will need is dependent on the type of purification system you are using. Cleaning your filter by backwashing it removes debris and enhances the movement of water through the filter.

  7. Prime Pump: Your pump should not draw in air. When a swimming pool’s pump begins to pull in air, the resultant effect will be a loss of prime, or power, to move water. Prime is the strength of the pump that moves the water. If the pump is not working properly, leaving water stagnant, it could result in the overheating of the pump. This could subsequently, burn out the pump.

  8. Winterizing: Winterizing is the act of pool preparation, which results in a clean and damage-free pool for as long as the winter lasts.

  9. Balance pH: The stability of the pH of your pool is determined by the health of your pool. A poor pH balance of your water could lead to algae growth in the pool. Algae is regularly brought in by the wind, rain, leaves or even soiled swimsuits. When your pool’s pH levels are off, algae can fester seemingly overnight. Unbalanced water conditions can occur from something as simple as sunlight, presence of carbon dioxide or nitrates, or simply the water temperature being too high. The primary cause of algae is improper circulation or poor filtration. The pH balance of the pool also has a direct effect on the corrosion of the surface and the effectiveness of chlorine. Always check the pH of your pool to ensure that it is a healthy place for you family, friend, and colleagues to play.

  10. Water Table: The water table level of the ground where your structure is located could have an effect on the construction of your pool as well as its response to the conditions of the environment. When the location of your pool has a high groundwater table, your pool can float in the ground. Ensuring that your pool has the proper ground water level is a must. Pools often have an installed hydrostatic valve in most areas to enhance proper water table equalization with the water level of the pool. When there is a low ground water table, and there is a leakage in the pool, the ground would instantly absorb the leaking water leading to empty points around the structure of the pool.


Why You Should Call Admiral Pools for Your Pool Repairs

Admiral Pool was founded to solve your swimming pool issues and enhance your aqua experience. If you have any issue with your pool, just pick up your phone and call Admiral Pools to solve your problem immediately. Some of the reasons why Admiral Pools is the top choice for pool repair companies in the Scottsdale, Phoenix area are as follows:

  • Staff: The staff at Admiral Pools has over time created a reputation for being knowledgeable, experienced, friendly, and sincere. Our staff has made us the number one company for those who need a pool repair services in their home. We work in a helpful manner with clients and take the time to carefully answer any questions a customer may have about their project.

  • Transparency And Honesty: Our staff at Admiral Pools is very truthful, honest, trustworthy and transparent. When it comes to carrying out repairs, our staff briefs the client on the exact problem and how much it will cost in order to fix. Our staff does not inflate prices or give incorrect diagnoses to exploit clients. We explain exactly what the issue is and request for the exact amount of parts. Our staff’s service charges are also reasonable and affordable.

  • Experience: Admiral Pools has been in operation for over 30 years, and so has most of the staff. Within this period, the company has been able to create a reputation of quality service and reliability. Furthermore, the staff also has the capability to easily and quickly diagnose problems and fix them. Each Admiral Pool specialist’s experience is further supported by continuous quality training to ensure that up-to-date knowledge about cutting-edge swimming pool equipment, as well as modern techniques used to remedy them.

  • Job Protocol: At Admiral Pools, we have a straightforward protocol for relating with our clients. Our principal aim is to take care every service call fully and appropriately. Our protocol starts with a discussion of the reason why our staff is at the client’s home, which in most cases, is at the request of the customer. Subsequently, a thorough check of the swimming pool is carried out, with every part of the swimming pool carefully examined. This segment ends with the identification of all the problems of the swimming pool. Note that at this point in time, complications are identified without any effort to fix them. Extreme care is also taken not to cause any new problem that was not there prior. After the issues have been identified and discussed with the client, as well as how to solve them, the financial implications are examined. If the customer is comfortable with the financial arrangements, the problem(s) worked on and solved.

  • A Leader In Pool Repairs: As far as the Scottsdale and Phoenix area is concerned, Admiral Pools is a leader in the field of swimming pool repairs. We at Admiral Pools are insured and licensed by the government. We offer all different types of pool and spa repairs and services. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The only reason our company could have survived for over 30 years is the continuous patronization of satisfied customers who regularly spread the word for us and bring in their friends and family.

  • The Ability To Repair Any Swimming Pool Problem: Admiral Pools is very experienced in the repair of swimming pools. Regardless of the problem you have with your pool, it can be easily fixed by Admiral Pools. We service all swimming pools in both residential and commercial areas, and work on spa and water features. In respect to the set-up of the swimming pool you have and whatever your swimming pool problem might be, Admiral Pools can fix it properly.

  • Equipment: At Admiral Pools, we have the latest equipment for repairing pools. We also have the right equipment for Valley swimming pools. We fix every type of swimming pool component including electronic equipment, heaters, lights, cleaners, chlorinators, controls, filters, valves, seals, pumps, and motors amongst others.

  • Timeliness:We work according to your schedule at Admiral Pools. Just give us your address in Scottsdale or the surrounding area, as well as a time that is best for you and we will do our best to come and check up on your concerns. We will figure out what the issue with your swimming pool is, fix it as soon as possible, and leave as soon as we are through.

  • Accountability: If the homeowner is around during the call, he or she is briefed on what our staff will be doing at every point in time and why. All of our repair activities are logged, as well. The activity log is available to every client after the repair is complete. The activity log provides clients with information on every action we take during the process and the reason behind whatever necessary steps were taken. This high level of accountability has always endeared our clients to us because they know that they can trust us to do an honest job every time.


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Our pricing at Admiral Pools is very affordable. We will always give each client an accurate price of the swimming pool parts and our services costs before we start to work. Once we make a deal, we operate within that amount and maintain professionalism throughout each and every step of the process. There is no unusual request for more funds or hidden charges EVER to worry about with Admiral Pools.

Since our services also include a free evaluation of your swimming pool and an estimate of what it would cost to fix it, you can trust that your pool, time, and money is safe with our experts. Admiral Pools is not here to take advantage of people in distress; instead, we are here to help you enjoy your pools for as long as possible.

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